Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekly Reading (9/24-9/30)

"'Two Doors to the Same Cafeteria'"
David Cloutier, Catholic Moral Theology

"Dorothy Days Dynamic Orthodoxy"
William Doino, First Things

"Feast of St. Vincent DePaul"
Timothy Dolan & Nicholas DiMarzio, The Gospel in the Digital Age

"Cultural Satire, Gangnam Style"
Paddy Gilger, The Jesuit Post

"The High Holidays and Reasons Limits"
Noah Glyn, First Things

"U.S. drone policy: Counterterrorism, or just plain terrorism?"
Liz Lefebvre, U.S. Catholic

"How Vocations Happen (It Could Happen to You)"
Paul Lickteig, The Jesuit Post