Sunday, February 12, 2012

Coming Soon

Welcome to my new blog! I'm not exactly sure where this one is going to go. All I know is that I'm being called to express the revelation I've received in more practical terms than I've done so far. I hope to write about the places where our family is already being honored, as well as areas where we can do a better job. I hope to make this revelation clearer and more approachable for you. Above all, I'm trying to live out God's desires that I feel in my heart and soul every moment of my life.

"Embracing our family is not about creating a new religion, perfecting an old one, or abandoning them altogether ... God is tired of the status quo and the way it suffocates the family's love ... It is time to find a new way. Yes, this path will be terrifying. It is uncertain and full of risk. But we owe it to our family to embark upon the journey. It is who we are and why we were created: to love our family, all of it."

This blog is part of my efforts to find that new way. I'm certain it will be an adventure, and not always a pleasant one. But I'm just as certain that it's an adventure I must attempt. I hope you will join me.